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GCC Leadership Positions are OPEN (Jan 28th-Mar 1st)

January 18, 2013

Global China Connection UCSD Chapter is opening up leadership opportunities for the upcoming year!

If you are interested in becoming an officer for the next academic year, it is now the time.

****NOTE: Since our Director of Administration will be studying abroad in Spring 2013, this position will be opened earlier than other positions. The application for this particular position is open from Monday, Jan 14th to Friday, Feb. 1st.  To apply, click application

If you are looking into applying for other positions, applications will be open from Monday, Jan. 28th to Friday, Feb 15th. To apply, click Leadership Application

Officer Descriptions:

These descriptions are meant to serve as a guideline for GCC officers.  This guideline is not exhaustive, and each member is expected to contribute to the team to the best of his or her ability. GCC is a learning experience, as well as a chance for members to apply their current skills. All officers are encouraged to keep an open mind and a thirst for knowledge during their occupation of office.

President (Principal Member)

  • Oversees the overall activities and logistics for GCC
  • Delegate tasks to the VP’s and Directors
  • Oversees sponsorships with companies, both locally and nationally.
  • Works directly with sponsors, advisors, and speakers to formulate plans for current and future events.
  • Engage with other GCC chapters in California and other states
  • Work with the main headquarters
  • Be the recognizable face of UCSD’s chapter
  • Organizing weekly meetings for officers

VP Internal (Principal Member)

  • Establish a strong community within GCC at UCSD
  • Ensure member involvement and participation with events and opportunities
  • Facilitate communication between the executive board and the general members
  • Educate new members and officers about GCC
  • In charge of transitioning officer positions
  • Main contact for other pre-professional, cultural, and international interest student organizations on campus
  • Director of interns and intern development
  • Emailing GCC members with updates on chapter and upcoming events

VP External (Principal Member)

  •  Assist with President on event planning
  •  Main contact for on-campus non-student organizations and facilities (Faculties, Career Services Center, UCSD grad school,China Focus, etc)
  • Main contact for off-campus organizations, speakers, and companies
  • Corporate and maintain partnerships and sponsorships


  • Excellent communication skills (both oral and written
  • Experience with program development and coordination
  • Demonstrate strong professionalism and responsibility
  •  Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to engage with a diverse population

Director of Administration (Principal Member)

  • TAP
  • Room reservations for events, meetings, fundraisers, etc.
  • Organize everyone’s schedule and contact information in an easy-to-access document
  • Organize and maintain Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail
  • Organize member e-mail list
  • Re-registering student org
  • Event planning and logistics (organizing “day of” details and pre-planning)
  • In charge of minutes and organization of the chapter


  • Make GCC well known and user-friendly to UCSD’s campus
  • Recruitment and marketing of all events
  • Creative media responsibilities; designing flyers,posters, thank-you cards, etc.
  • Responsible for updating social media including Facebook, WordPress, and campus resources (Econblog, Student Flyers, etc)


  • Project planning and logistics (organizing “day of” details and pre-planning)
  • Lead discussion and brainstorm for event ideas
  • Maintain GCC’s momentum through and between events
  • Creative starting point for project and event ideas, as well as other opportunities for GCC members
  • Take the needs of the organization (e.g. funds, more members, more professional events, etc) and transform them into actionable events and projects

Chief Financial Officer

  • Record GCC cash flows for all events and activities
  • Maintain non-profit bank account for club funds
  • Maintain balance sheet for expenses and profits
  • Apply for operating and programming funds from A.S.
  • Sponsorship (alongside VPE, President)
  • Planning and executing fundraising events