GCC Taste Time 吃吃吃吃吃到饱!! @Week6 Monday (May 6th) Library Walk


夏天要来啦!又到了清凉美好的甜品和小吃季节♥ 大家是不是已经厌倦了library walk上各种bbq, donuts和cookies呢?

还记得上个quarter飘香的炸酱面 咖喱鱼蛋和好吃的卤肉饭么? GCC在Spring Quarter将继续给大家煮好吃的。

我们会在周一 5月6日 早上十点到下午两点在library walk卖法国甜点Crepe和日本饭团musubi!!

We will be hosting a special food day on Library Walk on Monday, May 6th!

* What’s new for this time?* What kinds of FOOD will you be cooking up?*
We have Strawberry and Banana CREPE with Chocolate and Cream Topping AND SPAM MUSUBI!!

*What TIME and where should we be there?*
We will be tabling from 10-2 on LIBRARY WALK

独乐乐 不如众乐乐: ) Invite all your friends to come and enjoy our great food together!!!

Prices TBA.

Join us and enjoy the great food!!!!!

Post here or contact us at gcc.ucsd@gmail.com. if you have any questions!


Visit us:


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