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GCC Taste Time – Halloween Special @Week5 FFOG

October 26, 2013

Do you remember the tasty Black Bean Noodles from GCC last year? We are going to sale it again!!! With our Halloween special – Chinese Pumpkin Pie! Check us out next Monday (Oct. 28th) on Library Walk.








2013-2014 Welcome Bonfire @Week1

October 2, 2013

-Want to enjoy the gorgeous sunset of La Jolla?
-Want to explore the famous San Diego beach?
-Want to meet new people from UCSD?

Come to GCC’s Welcome Bonfire to Have a fun and relaxed night with FREE FOOD & GAMES!!!

Pick-ups @ Peterson loop, starting at 5:30pm-6:15pm. NO LATER THAN 6:15PM PLZ!!!!!

Please “like” our Facebook page to be updated with new details.

Why you should come?
Never been to bonfires before or haven’t had enough fun at the beach? Come to get glowing warmth from the fire and GCC! We will host games such as WHO IS THE SPAY and DRUM vs. FLOWER (击鼓传花). While playing the games, you may enjoy free food and the splendid ocean view. Besides that, you can meet a lot of people and make unique memories at the beach.

What is GCC anyways?
GCC stands for Global China Connection. It is a leading organization for promoting cooperation between premier students in China and the international community. A nonprofit student-run network of over 50 university chapters worldwide, the GCC platform creates unprecedented opportunities to build long-term relationships that will change the world.

1. Please wear flip-flops for your own good☺
2. Take a coat with you, the beach might get colder at night.
3. Bring your friends! So you guys will have fun together!!!