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GCC Position Descripition

January 28, 2014

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President (Principal Member)

Ÿ   Oversees the overall activities and logistics for GCC

  • Delegate tasks to the VP’s and Directors
  • Works directly with sponsors, advisors, and speakers to formulate plans for current and future events.
  • Engage with other GCC chapters in California and other states
  • Work with the main headquarters
  • Be the recognizable face of UCSD’s chapter
  • Organizing weekly meetings for officers

VP Internal (Principal Member)

  • Establish a strong community within GCC at UCSD
  • Ensure member involvement and participation with events and opportunities
  • Facilitate communication between the executive board and the general members
  • Educate new members and officers about GCC
  • In charge of transitioning officer positions
  • Main contact for other pre-professional, cultural, and international interest student organizations on campus
  • Director of interns and intern development
  • Emailing GCC members with updates on chapter and upcoming events

Administration (Principal Member)

  • TAP form
  • Room reservations for events, meetings, fundraisers, etc.
  • Organize everyone’s schedule and contact information in an easy-to-access document
  • Organize and maintain Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Gmail
  • Organize member e-mail list
  • Re-registering student org
  • Event planning and logistics (organizing “day of” details and pre-planning)
  • In charge of minutes and organization of the chapter


  • Make GCC well known and user-friendly to UCSD’s campus
  • Recruitment and marketing of all events
  • Creative media responsibilities; designing flyers,posters, thank-you cards, etc.
  • Responsible for updating social media including Facebook, WordPress, and campus resources ( Student Flyers, etc)

Initiatives (aka. Event Coordinators)

  • Project planning and logistics (organizing “day of” details and pre-planning)
  • Lead discussion and brainstorm for event ideas
  • Maintain GCC’s momentum through and between events
  • Creative starting point for project and event ideas, as well as other opportunities for GCC members
  • Take the needs of the organization (mainly sponsorships/funds;  more members, more professional events, etc) and transform them into actionable events and projects


  • Record GCC cash flows for all events and activities
  • Maintain non-profit bank account for club funds
  • Maintain balance sheet for expenses and profits
  • Apply for operating and programming funds from A.S.
  • Sponsorship (alongside VPE, Initiatives)
  • Planning and executing fundraising events


communicate and work with officers

Check here to apply for GCC officer positions: