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April 28, 2014


Are you planning to apply for graduate schools? Are you anxious about the application?

On MAY 22, THURSDAY, GCC is holding the annual conference from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at PC Marshall Room. Theme for the conference this year is GRADUATE SCHOOL PREPARATION insider evaluation!

In the conference, we will first have our speakers to give speech. We will invite UCSD Graduate School’s administration members to talk about the process of graduate school application from their perspectives. You will get the information about criteria in evaluating each student including application essays, exams, undergraduate GPA and expectations for international students versus domestic candidates.

We will also invite UCSD alumni who are already admitted into top graduate schools to talk about their personal experiences in applying for graduate schools.

After that, participates would have further discussion and share their own information about application for graduate schools. You could also approach speakers for questions or comments during or after conference.

Hope this conference will help you to achieve great success in the applications for your dream schools. Good luck with your applications! See you on MAY 22, THURSDAY at PC Marshall Room! 🙂


GCC 一年一度的conference就要开始了。就在5月22日,星期四,5:00pm到7:00pm,PC Marshall Room。今年的主题是GRADUATE SCHOOL PREPARATION insider evaluation!

首先,我们会邀请UCSD Graduate School的administration部门的成员从他们的角度来为我们讲述申请的过程和他们衡量一个学生的标准,包括申请时的essay,考试成绩,GPA,还有他们相对于国内的学生,对国际生会有怎样的要求。我们还会邀请UCSD的已经被各大高校录取的校友们来给我们讲讲他们的亲身经历,分享他们的经验和建议。然后大家可以互相讨论,分享自己所知道的信息,也可以向speaker们提问题。

希望这次的conference能够为大家提供所需的信息,能够帮助大家顺利的完成申请,进入自己的dream school!我们5月22日,下午5点,在PC Marshall Room不见不散咯~